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25th Anniversary of Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

25th Anniversary of Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

Aug 10, 2016
Pamfa Dhamala

Time and life just seem to flash by in a blur.  At some point we take a breath, look back, and ask where the years went.  And so it is with our founding team here at Langtang Ri.  This year, 2016, we are asking ourselves the question “can it really be 25 years since we started welcoming intrepid adventurers to Nepal?”  The answer is an emphatic “yes!”  A quarter of a century has flashed by but also brought us the joy of meeting many thousands of wonderful people from around the globe and assisting them to explore Nepal the Himalaya region and something of themselves as well.

25 years ago Nepal was barely known to the world but for one mountain.  The streets of Kathmandu were quiet and dusty and the trekking trails through the mountains narrow, rough and rarely trod by adventurers.  But so much has changed since then.  Nepal now welcomes hundreds of thousands of adventurers every year and well maintained trekking trails and teahouses make exploring possible and comfortable in every valley of Nepal. The streets of Kathmandu are now busy with traffic and the dust even dustier – so some things never change.

Langtang Ri would like thank all the thousands of people who have trusted us over the last 25 years.  Without your intrepid adventuring spirit and wonderful recommendations to friends our company would not be operating today.  We must also thank the equally wonderful team of people who have worked in the company over those years.  From hard working and energetic young porters who learned a foreign language while trekking with sharing clients and then progressed to become experienced guides.   Thank you to our guides who know every trail of Nepal and make our client’s journeys safe and exhilarating.  Thank you to our day-tour guides that bring the history of Nepal to life.  And thank you to our office team who make everything happen so smoothly and professionally.

Langtang Ri has now turned 25 years old.  Over the years Nepal has progressed tremendously and our commitment to deliver travellers the very best customer service, local knowledge and experience has remained true.   We can now look back at those 25 years and feel very proud of what we have accomplished.  Langtang Ri will move forward stronger from the experience and continue on for another 25 years and more. 

Namaste and thank you again to all our wonderful clients.  New adventures await.  We hope to welcome you to Nepal again very soon.

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