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Chinese President Visit to Nepal

Chinese President Visit to Nepal

Oct 21, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Chinese President Xi Jingping, paid an official two-days visit to Nepal on October 12 to 13 this year. This was the first visit by a Chinese President in 23 years. The visit reinforced the strong bond between Nepal and China as well as creating new opportunities for Nepal national development.

China is the close ally of Nepal and has long given priority to the development of our nation. Nepal’s continued recognition of the “One China Policy” has made the bond between our nations even stronger. Along with the strong political ties, both countries share a border along the world highest mountains and encourage environmentally responsible tourism to the region. The visit by Chinese President Xi Jingping is expected to greatly lift awareness of the Himalaya Mountains and Nepal amongst the population of China and a significant uplift in visit numbers from China is now expected in the 2020 trek and tour seasons.

During his visit President Xi emphasized economic development at the Rasuwagadi border and its positive implications for visitor numbers and continued investment and growth. The President also encourages Chinese citizens to visit the Himalayan region and Nepal in 2020 and beyond. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, was also emphasized as a site of great interest to Chinese visitors and pilgrims. A substantial increase in Chinese visitor numbers is now expected.

Both nations recognize the enormous importance of Mount Everest to regional tourism and the implications of the shared border for improved coordination of tourism, in all its forms, in this sensitive environmental region. The visit by President Xi is welcomed by Nepal, its government, its people, and the tourism industry. Langtang Ri supports the continued strengthening and expansion of the bonds between China and Nepal.

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