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Clean and Green City Kathmandu

Clean and Green City Kathmandu

May 6, 2020
Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

Though Kathmandu city; capital city perched on the base of the captivating mountains is blessed with natural beauty and crafted with rich and antique cultural heritage that carries the glorious cultural and historical legacy of the classic medieval period, but the amazing Kathmandu city has become bustling and crowded city due to overcrowding, pollution as well as over interruption from the community for their vested interests.

Currently, due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic COVID 19 Kathmandu city has revived its old charm and beauty as the natural wonders, Kathmandu city garners have got the opportunity to expand and flourish during this period. As the city has become clean and green and bloomed with the green forests and green meadows that are dotted in the mid of the city, as well as serpentine rivers and streams that are running continuously amid the city with the roaring sound that has been matched with the melodious noise of the birds and insects chirping, make the Kathmandu city lively and thrilling. And the footpaths carpeted with the Jacaranda flowers along with the scenery of flowers sprouting from the buds of the Jacaranda trees beside the quiet roads of the cultural hub seems like cultural wonders framed with natural wonders. And the amazing scenery of the line of the snowy peaks sparkling with the golden sun rays on the northern side of the Kathmandu city makes the city of temples even more beautiful and artistic which awaiting to mesmerize the nature lovers to stun with its awesome beauty.

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