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Holi; Festival of colors

Holi; Festival of colors

Mar 4, 2020
Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

While going through the cultural celebrations throughout the globe in the internet your eyes will be attracted at special pictures where people soaked by the colored waters along with green, red, silver-colored dry powdered paints put on their face which is the pictures of the Holi festival; festival of colors celebrated in Nepal with euphoria, vibrancy during the month of March. But the date of the festival differs every year according to the Nepalese calendar.  Holi festival named after demon Holika who was burnt though she has a special blessing of Lord Bishnu of being unaffected by the fire. But, she was burnt on fire due to her misdeeds and vices.

During the festival, people chase each other in the streets splashing water and colored powder to each other turning the atmosphere into the carnival. Holi festival that is celebrated for 2 days throughput the country signifying the end of winter and arrival of spring season which is the season of newness, hope, excitement, fertility tackling the harshness of winter. Festival strengthens the connectivity, bond among people forgetting the past enmity, tussle. So the festival has special value among the Nepalese people.

Many mythical stories are associated with the Holi festival that has the glorious legacy of the antique period and people enjoy the festival disregarding the caste, creed, religion.

Be the part of the carnival festival visiting the country land of Himalayas during the March 9 and 10 and have a genuine experience of the festival.

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