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Langtang Valley trekking group just survive April 25th earthquake

Langtang Valley trekking group just survive April 25th earthquake

May 15, 2015
Langtang Ri Trekking & Expedition

Two of our clients from Germany, Mr and Mrs Winkler, were in the Langtang Valley at the time of the April 25th earthquake and survived the harrowing experience.

Gunter and Huguette initially trekked the Ganesh Himala region to the west of Langtang. This was an extended camping trek that traversed the region from April 11th to 18th. Their party comprised one guide, one cook and four porters and they visited many small and remote villages in the region and explored high trails with spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains strung along the Nepal-Tibet border. So this initial part of their trek was very enjoyable and thankfully uneventful.

Langtang Earthquake

However, on April 18th when the party reached Gatlang most of the support team returned to Kathmandu and Gunter and Huguette continued their trek into the Langtang National Park with just their guide and one porter. However, the had the misfortune of being at Kyanging Gompa on 25 April and they were caught in the full fury of the avalanche and landslide that hit the small community. Huguette was flung more than 300m from where she stood when the landslide hit. Unfortunately she suffered a very bad injury to her back as a result. Gunter was also injured but less severely. The Kyanging Gompa facility was devastated and there was little capacity provide assistance. Fortunately our guide and porter were able to provide first aid and basic care to Huguette under very difficult circumstances.

As soon as news of the Winkler’s dire plight reached our Kathmandu office we attempted to direct a rescue helicopter to Kyanging Gompa. The heavy demands on so few helicopters meant it took three days for the rescue helicopter to reach them and return them to Kathmandu and medical care. Fortunately we, the Winklers and our guide and porter never lost hope. Huguette is now recovering.

Helicopter rescue from Kyanging Gompa

After the Winklers were flown to safety our guide and porter walked down the valley to the even more badly devastated village of Langtang which was almost entirely wiped from the face of the earth by a massive landslide. Our guide and porter remained in Langtang for some further days to assist with the rescue and recovery efforts before slowly making their way back to Kathmandu and their worried families.

Everyone in the Langtang Ri team is extremely thankful to our guide Pratap Gurung and porter Narayan Ghale who performed with such dedication and professionalism through the ordeal. We thank you.

We hope to be able to soon provide a positive up-date on the recovery progress of Mrs Winkler.

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