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Monsoon Birding Tour In Nepal

Monsoon Birding Tour In Nepal

Aug 3, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Nepal is birding paradise as many wetlands tiny country caters has been the top most sanctuary for the diverse bird species as well as refuge center for the migratory birds. Needless to say, wetlands of the country either listed on Ramsar list or not listed as well as dense forests of the country; rich in bio-diversity, offers atmosphere conducive for the breeding of the multitude of bird species so Nepal has been the top most destination for birding tour on monsoon season.

It is recorded that 886 species of the bird can be witnessed on bio-diversity rich country through ot the year and which is 9% of the total bird species around the world. The national parks especially Koshi Tappu, Chitwan National, Bardiya National along with Godavari Botanical, Shivpuri, Taudaha houses wide variety of birds including the rare and elusive birds during the monsoon season also so these spots offer better chance of the sightings of bird species both migratory and residents during the monsoon season of the Nepal.

So, birding tour in Nepal has been the best option choice for the avid bird watchers and ornithologists of all across the globe to witness the birds on naturally gifted place along with enchanting on the beauty haven for bird species unfurls.  

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