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Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Jul 22, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Nepal famed as land of Himalayas is synonymous with trekking though country of geographical and cultural diversity tames plethora of destinations suitable for wide array of activities apart from trekking like tour, adventure sports, expedition, jungle safari, rafting, paragliding, mountain flight heli tour and many more. But the narrow alleys weaved through dense forests, deep gorges, terraced fields, yak pastures, remote villages has been the most googled trekking trails for novice to adventurer, professional trekkers of around the globe who wants to immerse on the mountain scenery, rustic way of life, countryside setting blending with friendly and hospitable locals.

Though, most of the trekking in Nepal is done during spring and autumn season that are taken as peak season for trekking where the most popular trekking trails Everest, Annapurna and Langtang are flooded with foreigners creating the vibe of carnival. And it will be also difficult to find accommodation during the peak season if the trek is not well prepared. Apart from the accommodation adjustment problem chaos on the main view point of the trekking destination is also another noticeable issue on trekking during peak season.

Most enjoyable moment on monsoon trekking is greenery everywhere as trees have been full of greenery with lush green leaves and the pastures are lively with green grass  and vegetations  and terraced fields are occupied with green rice plants which has been planted by locals on tradition way playing with mud and water enthralling on the environment. Nepal tourism also celebrates special festival Ropai Jatra annually where can get opportunity to be part of this event of planting rice playing with mud and water with friends.

During the monsoon trekking in Nepal thrill on the sounds of insects chirping, sounds from the trees leaves collision, gushing sound of the rivers and cascading sound of the waterfalls along with rapturous mountain scenery, tradition lifestyle of locals feeling the tranquil  and solemn atmosphere mingling with locals to get insights on their adorned culture, tradition, cultural lineage and heritage.

 In the case of monsoon season trekking route are less crowded so trekkers will be on better position to negotiate the cost of the accommodation along with food on the tea houses that are dotted along the trekking routes and could be possible to do trekking on budget.

Needless to say roads of the Nepal especially mountainous side are dusty but during the monsoon season wander the narrow streets of the busy touristic destination without wearing the mask. As there will be less dust and fumes because of rain. It is common scene in Nepal people rushing towards their destination covering their face with mask except monsoon season.

During the monsoon, there are trekking destinations nestled on rain shadow area of Nepal like Nar Phu, Mustang, Dolpo which grants chance to perceive the nomadic life, culture and tradition of ethnic Bon, Lowa, Dolpo, Tamang people embedding with the locals that gives the sensation of rewinding the time frame.

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