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Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu

Dec 5, 2017
Sajal Maharjan


Manaslu also known as Kutang is a part of the great Nepalese Himalayas. Standing at an amazing height of 8,613 meters, Mount Manaslu is ranked as the Eigth Highest Mountain in the world. The word “Manaslu” comes from the Sanskrit word “manasa”, meaning “soul” or “intellect”. Thus, it is also called “mountain of spirit”. The Coordinates (28O 32’ 58” N , 84O 33’ 43” E) will take you to the Western Himalayas, straight to Mount Manaslu which lies at the Manshri Himal, about 64 Km East of Annapurna.


The Mount Manaslu was first climbed on May 9th, 1956 by a Japanese Expeditor Toshio Imanishi with Gyalzen Norbu and was led by Aritsune Maki a.k.a. Maki Yuko. Though climbed in 1956, it was first spotted 6 years before by H.W. Tilman while exploring the Annapurna Massif. The first ever survey of the area was held somewhere between 1951 and 1953. The first attempt to climb Mount Manaslu was led by Y. Mita in 1953. Along with 15 climbers Mita started the climb via the East Side but failed to reach the summit, but three of them were able to reach the height of 7,750 meters.   

As of May 2008 there have been 297 successful ascents of Manaslu and 53 deaths on the Mountain, hence making it the 4th most dangerous thousanders in the world.

Trekking in this Region

The Manaslu region offers various trekking options. Among many, the Manaslu Circuit trekking route of 177 Km has been popular since it was permitted by The Nepalese Government in 1991. The route circuits Mount Manaslu and over the pass down to Annapurna. While trekking down this route you will see 10 peaks over 6,500 meters and a few over 7,000 meters. Larkya La is the highest point that this route leads with an elevation of 5,016 meters.

Manaslu is one of the priceless Jewel of Nepal. Thus, The Manaslu Conservation Area was included under the National Parks and Wild Life Conservation Act, in December 1998. The National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) manages the huge conservation zone, with the area of 1,633 sq. km.

The Manaslu Himal trek offers a site of immense beauty, with a touch of Himalayan tradition and culture that leaves the trekkers in awe. But along with the beauty, it packs a trail full of uncertainties. The mountainous terrain is viable to the consequences of Monsoon Rainfall, Land Slide and land fall along with hypothermia and altitude sickness.

“Test your Might!”

Spring and / or Pre – Monsoon seasons, are said to be perfect for taking this route. As it is least likely to have bad weather, snowfall and avalanches, this time of the year is least hazardous.

Trekking In Manaslu Region

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Happy Faces of trekkers after a long and strenuous Manaslu Circuit.


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