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Ms Pamfa Dhamala Recognised for Tourism Entreprenurship

Ms Pamfa Dhamala Recognised for Tourism Entreprenurship

Jan 6, 2017
Langtang Ri Trekking

The Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee (GHTDC) was formed in 2011 to bring together local initiatives seeking to expand international tourism and investment in the mountainous region just to the west of the Langtang Himal and about 70km north-west of Kathmandu.  This is a beautiful region of Nepal with many spectacular mountain summits such as Yangra (Ganesh I) 7,422m and Ganesh II 7,118m and many small Tibetan-influenced villages in the high valleys.  However the Ganesh Himal region has never enjoyed the trekking agency support or visitor numbers associated with the premier trekking regions of Nepal.  And so the GHTDC was created to bring a greater focus on the region.

Langtang Ri Trekking & Expedition has been escourting trekkers and expedition parties into the Himalayas for over 25 years and the Langtang Valley and adjacent Ganesh Himal regions were two of the very early regions the agency promoted and directed visitors toward.  As visitor numbers rapidly exapnded in the Langtang Valley the agency's cliets returned to Nepal seeking new experiences and so treks were planned and conducted in the adjacent valleys and trails of the Ganesh Himal.  While the infrastructure of the region is still expanding to service increasing visitors the fantastic mountain scenery and cultural experences offered by the region have made the ganesh Himal a very popular trekking location for Langtang Ri clients.

Ms Pamfa says she long ago lost count of how many clients she has escourted through the Ganesh Himal but says the annual numbers just keep gowing as the region becomes better and better known.  She assures the Committee the Ganesh Himal will always be in her focus as well as heart.  Ms Pamfa would also like the extent her great appreciation and thanks to the Committee for its efforts to promote and develop the Ganedh Himal region and for its regognition of her same efforts over the years.

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