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Mustang Tiji Festival

Mustang Tiji Festival

Feb 25, 2018
Sajal Maharjan

Nepal is the land decorated with different culture and tradition. Behind these cultures lie hundreds of fascinating ancient stories that accounts for the festivals we celebrate here today.

Tiji is among the most interesting festival celebrated by Tibetans. It is an annual three days festival consisting of various rituals and dances and feasts. The word “Tiji” comes from a Tibetan words “Tempa Chirim” which translates to “Prayer for World Peace”.

It is believed that a demon called Man Tam Ru posed threat to the kingdom of mustang centuries ago. The creature fed on human beings and caused storms and droughts. To lay waste of the demon, Lord Buddha incarnated as Dorjee Sonnu and returned the demon to the realm of Lord Buddha.


The reign of Man Tam Ru is depicted by a cultural dance called “Tsa Chham” on the first day of the festival. The Birth of Dorjee Sonnu as the demons son is depicted by the dance called “Nga Chham” on the second day. The third day of the festival is the enactment of the destruction of Man Tam Ru and the attempt to return him to the realm of Lord Buddha.


These dances are the main attraction of the Tiji Festival and are organized and choreographed by the Choede Monastery. The monastery Belongs to the Shakya sect of Buddhism. About 65 monks reside in this monastery and are headed by a Rimpoche.



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