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Cordial Relationship between Nepal and Britain.

Cordial Relationship between Nepal and Britain.

Jul 3, 2020
Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

Nepal and Britain share the strong political, historical, and people to people relationship that has a glorious legacy of more than 200 years. Though these countries have also engaged in a war between each other during the period of colonization but, after the Sugauli treaty on 4 March 1816 relationship between Nepal and Britain has reached on the next level; the relationship of mutual respect. Britain is the first country with whom Nepal has diplomatic relations on 17 May 1934

Aftermath, the visit of Nepal Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana to the United Kingdom in 1850 the relationship became even warmer and stronger. During the visit, Jung Bahadur Rana has been knighted with the Grand Cross of the Bath by the British Queen Victoria. And Jung Bahadur Rana offered military assistance to East India Company to dominate and control rebellion Sepoy mutiny in 1857 in India and as a reward got “Naya Muluk” from the East India Company in 1860.  British Queen Elizabeth also visited Nepal in 1904.

During the 20 century, the British were fascinated with the world's highest mountain Mt. Everest and took the initiation to put steps on the top of the world led by George Mallory and Edmund Hillary which also supported weave people to people ties and bond between British and Nepalese.

Gorkha army who have served in the British army till now and fought many battles from Britain since the triangular treaty among Nepal, Britain, and India on 9 November 1947. During that period to present, Nepalese youths are serving in the British army as Gorkha regiment becoming the definition of bravery, dedication, toughness, and discipline and also fought several battles with great vigor and aggression and have also sacrificed their lives on the battlefield which is also another main cause of affinity and strong bond between British and Nepalese. Prince Harry stayed with the Gorkha regiment during his 10 weeks military service in Afganistan and he was also quite fond of humility, humbleness, and friendly behavior of Gorkha soldiers and has praised them several moments during the conversation and interviews.

Britain has conducted many development projects in Nepal. And first hydropower project of Nepal Pharping Hydropower project has also been built by Britain. Apart from Pharping Hydropower, Dharan- Dhankuta road, Hetauda diesel plant, Radio Nepal Capacity development to name few are the projects supported and constructed by the British government.

Recently, Prince Charles visited Nepal to celebrate 200 years of joint relations between Nepal and Britain in March 2016. During the 4 days trip to Nepal, Prince Harry met earthquake victims, visited British Gorkha camps, and many more. And extended his stay in Nepal for one week to rebuild school devastated by the massive earthquake and also celebrated festival Holi; a festival of colors with Nepalese local people putting colors.

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