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New Nepal videos of Langtang Valley Trek, Yala Peak Climb and Chitwan Safari Yala Peak Climb and Chitwan Safari

New Nepal videos of Langtang Valley Trek, Yala Peak Climb and Chitwan Safari Yala Peak Climb and Chitwan Safari

Mar 8, 2015
Langtang Ri Trekking & Expedition

Mark Aitken, from the United Kingdom, is a very experienced adventure traveler and in recent years has completed five trek and climbing trips to Nepal and the Himalaya mountains. Mark is a very good friend of Langtang Ri Trekking and he recently posted some beautiful videos on YouTube from his most recent visit to Nepal.

The trip, conducted in October and November 2014, took Mark and his partner Christine into the high peaks of the Langtang National Park just north of Kathmandu and then to the steamly jungles and wildlife hot-spot of the Chitwan National Park in the central lowlands of Nepal.

In late November Mark and Christine trekked along the Langtang Valley to Langtang Village and then further on to picturesque Kyanjin Gompa monastery at the eastern end of the valley. From there they explored the surrounding mountains and with the assistance of an expert climbing guide they reached the 5,000 vantage point of Kyanjin Ri with its spectacular views over the high snow-clad Himalayan peaks running along the Nepal-Tibet border and the peaks to the south in the Gosainkunda region of the national park. After acclimatising ay Kyanjin Gompa they then pushed even higher to reach the summit of 5,732m Yala Peak where the mountain views were are unsurpassed. You can see two videos of these climbs on Mark’s YouTube account here: video and video

If you found Mark’s experience enticing, perhaps would also like to explore the beautiful Langtang Valley and its surrounding mountains and high passes. Here is a link to our most popular trek through the Langtang National Park . We can easily incorporate a peak climbing experience for you too if you wish.

After leaving the high Himalayan peaks and returning to Kathmandu Mark and Christine then set off to the Nepal lowlands to explore the Chitwan National Park. This is an amazing contrast to the high mountains. Chitwan is known for its rivers, jungles, lakes, dense grasslands and most of all its wildlife ranging from elephant and rhino to tiger, crocodile and an abundance of mammals and birds. Mark also posted a video of his Chitwan experience here: video

Here is a link to our most popular short safari to the Chitwan National Park. Please contact us here at Langtang Ri Trekking & Expedition if you would like more information about the places Mark and Christine explored or any other part of the Himalaya region.

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