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Royal princess of trekking and expedition industry in the voyage for women’s stamp of approval in Nepal

Royal princess of trekking and expedition industry in the voyage for women’s stamp of approval in Nepal

Feb 8, 2019
Langtang Ri

Confused readers. Well, we are talking about, Pamfa Dhamala (MBA degree holder), the renowned social activist and entrepreneur in Nepal. Pamfa’s native place is Gorkha and reflects in her conscious business. She is a warrior and protector of women’s rights. In 1991, She established a travel and trekking company, Langtang Ri trekking and expedition to break boundaries in the male dominated industry. She is the royal princess for branding women independence and having stamp of approval for female employment in the tourism sector of Nepal. She is active member of various tourism association such PATA, TAAN, NMA, KEEP, NCA and HOMES Nepal and is consciously working in school and various conservative projects. She is the former Treasurer of PATA Chapter Nepal and former executive board member of Nepal Tourism Board. 

Since 28 years, her legacy have set an example for women to introspect and achieve goal in the environment that they were previously denied. Her vision is to empower women and have the policy of “Equanimity is Business” that states the increment in the capacity of underprivileged women in rural areas for transformational choice move in order to have desired action. 

Langtang Ri is beyond traditional travel, highly recommended by guide book Lonely planet and trip advisor a connection company with the philosophy of women empowerment through crafted journey to “know thyself” and “networking” with rural and travel women. She supports rural women and also makes it possible for travelers to get the chance of having life changing experience by connecting to the untold story of the authentic culture which is covered by the beauty of the undiscovered routes in Nepal. Langtang Ri makes sure that the travelers travel the journey within to connect the law of nature in safe and ethical guidance to the meaningful path by engaging with the authentic community and truly experiencing Nepal. Langtang Ri major services are trekking, cultural tour, peak climbing and expedition, Jungle safari, rafting, and many more adventures sport activities.

She has disrupted the travel industry in patriarchal society of Nepal by providing travel and tour services in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Tibet. She is a social innovator engaging women in management and operational activities like having female admin staff, city tour guides, trekking and climbing guides. 

She has crafted tours for solo-women travelers and man-free trips. She is inspired by the #MeToo movement and is taking initiative to empower women by its #TripToo campaign that is soon to be launched. She has made it clear that the industry is not just a male playing ground anymore. Travel makes women to reclaim the mind and can relate the challenges faced by women in the real world. She is inspired by youngest arab women, Raha Moharrak who climbed the Mount Everest, and see her as a true model of women empowerment in the travel industry.  

She has set a goal to double the women travelers by Nepal tourism year 2020. Our ideal traveler go out of comfort zone to have sense of discovery and to live meaningful life ahead. Explore with Ms. Dhamala, truly empowered to empower women, to experience multiple dimension and introspect to alter the perception for living better life ahead. 

Some of our Awards by recognized Government and Tourism Board. 


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