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Langtang Ri awarded for the dedicated and Excellent service for the overall promotion of Nepal's tourism Industry

Langtang Ri awarded for the dedicated and Excellent service for the overall promotion of Nepal's tourism Industry

Apr 27, 2018
Sazal Maharzan

Kathmandu, 9 Baishakh 2075. The fourth annual celebration of the Shikharpost Media Group is grandly conquered. The annual anniversary of Shikharpost completed with the formal launch of the PTV Online on Sunday at Nepal Tourism Board.

Addressing the celebration, Forest and Environment Minister Shakti Basnet said that the new commitment and solidarity are needed for the country's prosperity. He further said that the government is moving ahead with the determination for the tourists visiting Nepal have significant growth in the environment.
Basnet said," Natural resources and means have become the foundation of economic prosperity of rich Nepal. Now a new resolution, new commitment and integrity are needed. The government is determined to lead the new. But, this is my country, if I go ahead with the resolution that I should contribute something else, only the dream of prosperity will be fulfilled."

Chairman of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (Taan), Nabaraaj Dahal said that the tourism sector is the main base of economic prosperity of the country, adding that concrete development programs should be made for tourism development and promotion. Stating that the investment environment should be constructed in the country, he emphasized the need for the Government to be serious in addressing the problems related to Tourism along with tourism. He had to say that time should be made for appointments for numerical and qualitative development of tourists.

Central member of the Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Ram Sharan Thapaliya said that the state side and private sector should be equipped with the capacity of the country. He emphasized that the government should give promotions to the industry's growing industries.

Prakash Khaling, president of the Shikharpost media group, emphasized that the investment should be made for investment in the country for economic development.

The program awarded the people and organizations who contributed to the development of the country from various sectors. MD of Langtang Ri Trekking and Expeditions Mrs. Pamfa Dhamala was one of the person to receive the award.

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards the staff and the guides for their continuous hardwork. We would not have reached here without you all. Thank you for your support, we will achieve much higher grounds together." - Pamfa Dhamala

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