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The Legend behind The Celebration of  Vijaya Dashami

The Legend behind The Celebration of Vijaya Dashami

Oct 15, 2018
Sazal Maharjan

Why do we celebrate Dashain?

The great Hindu festival is around the corner and the preparations have already begun. But do we actually know why we celebrate this festival in such grandeur?

There are various tales and legends surrounding the festivals. Dashain is about the great victory of goddess Durga over a Demon King Mahisasura.

Durga and Mahisashur

Mahisashura was the demon king with the head of a buffalo, with the power to shape shift. Symbolically, he represents the forces of chaos and ignorance hidden by the appearances. Legends state that, Mahisashura was a great devotee of lord Bramha. After a long penance lord bramha was pleased by his prayers and appeared to him and promised one wish. Mahisashura, who had a deep crave for power asked for immortality. He wished that he could never be killed By Man or God from the Face of Earth. Lord Bramha granted the wish, warning him that he would be killed by a woman.

Consumed by power Mahisashura waged war upon the three realms (The realm of gods, the earth and Hell). Army of Gods and demons could not defeat him due to the boon he got from Lord Bramha. Gods could not do anything about the brutal nature of the war so they decided to ask the aid of lord Vishnu. After considering the situation, lord Vishnu decided to create a female form to defeat Mahisashura. But, they couldnot do so without the help of Shiva (God of the Gods) The lord of Destruction. So, they consulted with him and by the powers of Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva, formed Goddess Durga.

DurgaAs the legends state, Durga was the incarnation of Goddess Parvati (The lord of the mountains). Durga depicts The Power that runs the universe.

Goddess durga then battled with the demon king for a long fifteen days. As Mahisashura could shift shapes, he transformed into different animals to mislead Durga. And finally The demon king Mahisashura transformed into a Buffalo that blew his covers and Goddess Durga Stabbed him with her trident, Thus ending the war over Evil.

Dashain marks this very day, when Durga stabbed Mahisashura and ended the war. Dashain falls on October and lasts for 9 days.

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