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                                               Tihar; festival of lights

Tihar; festival of lights

Oct 27, 2019
Tihar; festival of lights

Nepal cultural smorgasbord tames myriad of culture and religion where people can experience vast cultural diversity. As the country is the house for the 123 languages and 12 castes that caters their own graceful and adorned culture with great euphoria and vibes making the perfect epitome of cultural and religious tolerance.  Though country is famous as birth place of Lord Buddha and most of the people residing on this tiny country follow Hindu religion but people can witness and enjoy the different culture and religion throughout the year on different parts of the country.


Among the plethora of culture and religion celebrated throughout the year Tihar famed as festival of lights and also synonymed as Deepawali that falls on the month of mid –October or mid November according to Nepalese calendar is the most prominent festival after Dashain. Tihar festival that runs for the 5 days signifies the strong bond and attachment among brothers and sisters.

During the festival houses and shops are crafted with lights, colors, paintings, candles whereas markets are crowded with the throngs of people as the preparation for the auspicious festival starts from one month before. As well as shopkeepers are busy on selling the Tihar special spices (Bhai Masala) that are given to brothers by the sisters after putting the Saptaraangi tika created from the seven colors on the forehead along with garland of flowers wishing the well being, good health, prosperous life of the brothers whereas brothers give money to their sisters.  

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