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Tiji Festival in Mustang

Tiji Festival in Mustang

Mar 31, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Tiji Festival Nepal popular as Himalayan country is open theater where plethora of religion are followed by the people of Nepal with same enthusiasm, excitement as well as harmony. Wide array of festivals is celebrated throughout the year in different parts of the country though country is recognized as Hindu country and birth place of Lord Buddha. Among plethora of festivals revered every year in Nepal, Tiji festival celebrated at the capital city of Upper Mustang is special festival that runs for three days. Tiji festival is perfect blend of history and culture as festival instigated during period of Lo-Manthang Kingdom is ingrained to Tibetan Buddhism religion which has been transferred to local inhabitants of region from their Tibetan forefathers. Festival is honored on Lo- Manthang which was once the 15 century Kingdom of Upper Mustang, a valley lying between two towering peaks, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri on rain shadow area of Nepal. Tiji means “chasing the demons” is celebrated as victory of deity DorjeSonam over his demon father who used to torture the locals of kingdoms, and honored with great zeal and vigor to chase obstacles, sorrows and sufferings till date. During the festival, numerous devotees, locals and visitors gather at the palace premises and pray for peace and prosperity of region and people along with local King enjoying the carnival atmosphere. Follow the old caravan salt route to enjoy the festival which is also revered as spring renewal time and to indulge on the eye-catching landscapes that change drastically every day along experiencing preserved ancient Tibetan culture of Upper Mustang opened for tourists since 1992 and unraveling inestimable and finest wall paintings.

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