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Unravel Offbeat destination Tokha

Unravel Offbeat destination Tokha

Aug 29, 2019
Sandeep Adhikari

Tokha; old Newari town tucked on the north west part of the Kathmandu city embracing the glorifying history that dates back to Lichhavi period boasts graceful culture, religion on which locals ethnic Newari community feel pride. Tokha name coined combining two Newari words “Tu” means sugarcane and “Khya” means made from sugarcane signifying Tokha as venue to devour the delicious food from sugarcane.

Needless to say Tokha is popular for special crispy and delicacy food Chaku made from the sugarcane on traditional method and taken on special occasion of Makar Sankranti with butter; that falls on mid of the month of January and February.


Off beat travel destination Tokha is mecca for pilgrims as well as spot for thrilling experience as narrow alleys and premises of  Tokha hosts several festivals throughout the year mainly Sapan Tirtha Mela and Bisket Jatra during the new year according to Nepalese calendar  creating the carnival like atmosphere where thousands of people thronged to this classic town  run after the procession of chariots carrying idols of gods and goddess along with locals seeking  for the blessings of the revered God and Goddess whereas visitors and foreigners  run with camera to capture the auspicious event for the lifetime memory.

Till date Tokha stands proudly as age old town with antique and traditional houses, temples, monuments with archaic value exhibiting artistic woodworks and craftsmanship being untouched by the modernity and commercialization. Inhabitants of Tokha Newar community are intricately attached with the culture, festival, religion which they celebrate throughout the year on several occasions, like flesh and blood of human body.

Tokha is also religious hub catering renowned temples and shrines as well as idols of deities like Chandeswori temple, Sapan tirtha pond where people take religious dip in the believe of curing infections of body, Kali and Bhairav temple, shrine of Bajrayogini and the statue of saint Daxya Prajapati.

Along with historical and religious significance, medieval town Tokha garners the off the beaten trail running amid the green meadows, rolling hills, lush forests leading to Nagarjun and Shiv puri offering tranquil and serene atmosphere to make the Tokha as the best spot for short hiking tour and cycling tour mingling with locals.  

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