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Urgent Notice regarding Lock down

Urgent Notice regarding Lock down

Mar 31, 2020
Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

Needless to say, the whole world is affected by the coronavirus popular as COVID 19 which has started from the Wuhan state of China. Till date more than 8, 00000 people have been suffering from the coronavirus and more than 20, 000 people have been killed by the deadly virus. There is no single country that has not been the victim of the COVID 19. And all the practices applied by the doctors, microbiologists to tackle the horrible situation have less impact. So, considering the situation Nepalese government has announced the lockdown at home for the citizens for 2 weeks starting from 24 March, which is the perfect method of being safe and protective from COVID 19 that has spread all over the world. It is clear that coronavirus transfers being in touch with the coronavirus affected people so to be far from virus affected people is the best option to be safe from COVID 19.

During this period people are not allowed to come out of their houses and all the vehicles regarding public or private are not allowed to drive. In case of emergency, people should notify the authorized agency for the special pass.

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