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Urgent Notice regarding Lockdown

Urgent Notice regarding Lockdown

May 16, 2020
Langtang Ri Trekking and Expedition

COVID 19 has become a global pandemic that has caused the deaths of thousands of people all over the world. Every country of the globe has been affected by COVID 19 and the governments of every country are trying their best to protect their citizens from the horrific COVID 19. And the best option to be safe from the COVID 19 is to stay away from corona infected people that can be possible from the lockdown.

In Nepal also few COVID 19 affected people have been found in comparison to other countries due to the precautions taken by the Nepalese governments. So to protect the citizens from the COVID 19 Nepalese government has announced the lockdown from March 24 according to the recommendation of the highly formed committee for the COVID 19 as well as W.H.O. And considering the present situation and the count of the COVID 19 cases Nepalese government has extended lockdown up to June 14 and international flights have also been closed till June 30 and all the borders have also been sealed till June 30.

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