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Why Langtang Trek

Why Langtang Trek

Jul 1, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Do you want to experience authentic traditional lifestyle of Nepal on rural setting on unspoiled form along with captivating beauty of river valley, snowy grandeur peaks, lush forest carpeted with seasoned blooming flowers, on every moment of the trek, and then Langtang trek should be on the top of your bucket list for trekking in Nepal


Langtang region; which is the third most popular trekking area in Nepal after Annapurna and Everest and relatively less trodden trail and less crowded unlike Everest and Annapurna which is much crowded on peak season and extremely difficult to find tea houses during the trek on these region whereas Langtang trek trails are dotted with tea houses which are serving the trekkers on hospitable way.


Langtang region nestled on the north of Kathmandu is naturally gifted destination which is easily accessible from Kathmandu. Trekkers don’t have to spare extra day to start the trek unlike in Annapurna region where trekkers have to stay for extra one night on Pokhara before the start of the trek and after the completion of the trek. Trekkers don’t need to suffer mental torture of flight delay due to bad weather unlike in Everest region where possibility of flight delays.


Langtang region enveloped by the Langtang national park is haven for diverse wild animal species musk dear, Himalayan thar, wild dog, ghoral, seraw, monkey along with elusive red panda. Langtang is the one and only place on Nepal to spot elusive Red Panda. Langtang national park is also sanctuary for numerous bird species so Langtang trek is best destination for the naturalist and ornithologist


Langtang trek with lower maximum altitude grants chance to be at the height of around 5000 meters within short duration as well as can enjoy the snow falling from close distance unlike on popular Annapurna and Everest region.

Langtang region is inhabited especially ethnic Tamang community famed for adorable culture, religion, festival, costume on which they feel pride. Trek to Langtang region is perfect moment to experience the authentic Tamang culture on pristine form which local inhabitants has inherited from their forefathers and ingrained to Tibetan Buddhism.  Immerse on the culture of these hospitable and friendly Tamang people who not only welcome you on friendly manner and smile but also take you as member of the family and involve in their festival, culture and religion which would be best for cross-cultural experience blending with these people.


Though, it is not possible to perceive the glimpses of the above 8000 peaks on Langtang trek but the captivating glimpses of the snowy mountain Langtang Lirung which is dominant on Langtang region from the very first day of the trekking will mesmerize and make the Langtang trek as one of the  most important event of your life. This remarkable journey on Langtang trek within short span would be imprinted on your memory for the whole life.

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