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Women's Unique Festival Teej

Women's Unique Festival Teej

Aug 9, 2019
Langtang Ri Trekking

Teej festival taken as women’s festival is the most prominent festival that falls in August and September and revered for 3 days throughout the country especially by Hindu women. During the festival, women will be attired on red clothes with red bangles as red color is associated with luck and auspicious.  And the premises of the God Shiva shrine especially Pashupatinath temple are like the wave of red color.

Teej festival is celebrated based on the myth that Himalaya daughter Parvati earned the heart of the God Shiva through her devoted fasting and meditation to get Lord Shiva as a husband. So, the Teej festival is revered to pay respect to Lord Shiva and gratitude to Parvati devotion. During the festival all married and single female fast and worship Lord Shiva and Parvati. Married women fast for a long, healthy, and prosperous life of spouse whereas single go through fast and worship for a good husband. In Nepal, women have huge respect for this festival and take the Teej festival as an opportunity to be with friends, on birthplace after a long time. On the Teej festival, women share their feelings with their friends and family.

Teej festival is also taken as a platform to express sorrow, torture, anger, the frustration of women which they counter and tackle throughout the year through the medium of sing and dance.  As females gather at the premises of the shrines after worshipping the God to express the pain females encountered in the form of abuse, violence, torture from husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law and criticize their attitude and behavior and expect not to be repeated from this auspicious day. So most of the Teej song has a feminist vibe used as a mode of identity construction.

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