Nepal - from Himalaya summits to lowland jungles


Squeezed between two giants countries of Asia India and China, Nepal tiny country on world globe is blessed with natural and cultural wonders comprising of world highest Mount Everest, artistically crafted cultural world heritage sites, sanctuary for diverse species national parks, gushing rivers offering 3 plus to 4 plus rapids which is taken as destination for world-class rafters, cascading waterfalls tumbling from the Himalayas.

Though Nepal is a small country but rich in cultural and geographical biodiversity where people can experience scorching heat on the Terai region of Nepal and ice-cool atmosphere on the Himalayan region of Nepal along with the sight of sub-tropical vegetation at lowland and Tundra vegetation at the mountainous region of Nepal.

Nepal; home of the world highest peak Mount Everest which has been the subject of dare to dream for mountaineer and trekkers of across the globe since 1953, is also the house of the other seven above eight-thousander peaks of the world which has made the country Nepal as a most visiting destination across the world. Apart from the world's highest peak, Nepalese rivers that meander through the Himalayas following the crisscross path have been the amazing destination for rafters. Nepalese rivers offering 3 plus rapids to 4 plus rapids on the basis of the season has been the hot spot for novice rafters to professional rafters to feel the splash of the rapids of the Nepalese river perceiving the seducing glimpses of rustic places of Nepal.

Nepal known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha is also renowned for its cultural heritage that encompasses crafted temples, serene stupas, chhortens, and shrines as the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu is famed as the city of temples. Nepal is open museum for art and culture lover as country is haven for 125 diverse caste and communities and 123 ethnic languages where people of different parts of the country indulge on multiple festivals, religion throughout the year with zeal, vibe, ecstasy without thinking about culture and religion spreading the message of cultural and religious harmony around the world.

Nepal; the hub for diverse bird species, animal species including rare and endangered species Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhino, blackbuck, wild elephant, wild buffalo, red panda has become a bucket-list destination for travelers and adventurer of every corner of the world.


Packages for Nepal

Langtang Tamang Heritage Trail

USD 950 11 Days
Langtang Tamang Heritage Trail amazes with the most picturesque scenery from the starting day of the...
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Upper Mustang Tiji Festival 2022

USD 2399 19 Days
A visit to Upper Mustang to enjoy Tiji Festival, the biggest festival in Kingdom of Mustang, is a s...
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Kathmandu Mini Circuit Trek

USD 690 5 Days
Kathmandu Trek via Shivapuri is a short and easy trek that also offers fantastic view of the Himalay...
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Annapurna Base Camp Trek (17 Days)

USD 1299 17 Days
Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a fantastically scenic and rewarding trek that takes you to the spectacu...
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Everest Island Peak Climb (6153 m)

USD 2399 17 Days
Island Peak categorized as the moderate peak for climbing with an altitude of 6153 meters from sea l...
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Activity levels

  • Easy
    This trip generally involves an average of 4 – 5 hours slow but steady walk in a day. This rating is for less than 7 days walk below 3500 meters.
  • Moderate
    Moderate trekking involves 5 – 6 hours a day walking at a steady pace below 4000 meters for around 10 days trekking trip.
  • Demanding
    This trip grade involves trekking up to 7 hours a day below 5000 meters for the duration of 10 -15 days trip. Any reasonably active person should be able to manage these trips.
  • Strenuous
    Among the hardest treks in Nepal, but still these treks are in reach of most people however good physical fitness and endurance are required. These trips go above 5000 meters and for the duration of 15 – 20 days walking up to 8 / 9 hours in a day. They may also explore very remote regions where camping over multiple nights is required.
  • Challenging
    This grade includes climbing peaks and the demanding treks in remote areas. Participants having basic knowledge of use of crampons and ice axes are required. First-time climbers can undertake one of our one-day pre-trek ropes and climbing training days to obtain some initial skills and experience.
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