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Kathmandu Valley Cycling Trail

USD 649 4 Days

One of the best and the most rewarding cycling trail in the Valley

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Chandragiri Hills - Day Trip

USD 99 1 Day

Chandragiri Hills is one of the shortest and the most famous retreat site inside Kathmandu valley for both Nepalese and Foreigners.

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Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

USD 2099 8 Days

Hinduism is the main religion for the people of Nepal. Majority of the population of Nepal is Hindu.

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I Am Woman, See Me Explore - Himalaya

USD 2199 10 Days

Nepal is a tiny nation rich with treasures of the natural environment and human culture.

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Honey Hunting Tour

USD 1500 7 Days

Honey Hunting Tour is one of the very adventurous Tours that includes the amazing and surprising scene of Nepal with it. Nepal is a rich

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Everest Luxury Heli Trek

USD 2949 8 Days

This trek takes you along one of the greatest trekking trails on Earth

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Nordic Group Hiking

USD 799 10 Days

Kathmandu valley offers excellent short trek.It is Some of these treks can be even completed in one day.

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5 Days Adventure trip to Nepal

USD 599 5 Days

Kathmandu has been the center of Nepal's history, art, culture and economy.

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Everest View Heli Trek

USD 1899 6 Days

This trek takes you along one of the greatest trekking trails on Earth. You follow the famous Everest trail from Lukla up to Namc

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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

USD 1599 4 Days

Kathmanduis the most beautiful city in the Himalaya Cultural tours in Nepal open up a wonder of cultural diversities as each part of Nepal, from East to West, o...

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Student Soft Trek 5 days

USD 499 5 Days

This wonderful trek has you on the trail to spectacular mountain views within an hour of leaving Kathmandu.

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Annapurna Heli Trek - 7 Days

USD 2299 7 Days

What's better than a awesome chopper ride after a long adventurous Trek!

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11 Days Gokyo Heli Trek

USD 2075 11 Days

This trek explores the breath-taking Gokyo valley which is located adjacent of the Khumbu.

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Volunteering Tour in Nepal

USD 799 6 Days

Volunteering tour in Nepal is a short trip, more like a working trip. You will get to trek, study and help the people who could not get their quality of life du...

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14 Days Kailash Yatra by Kerung Road

USD 3799 14 Days

Mt. Kailash (6714m) is the most sacred mountain in Asia. It is believed to be the physical embodiment of the mythical Mt Meru, said to be the center of the univ...

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